Prosper with Regina is a financial education company that teaches financial literacy to young adults and school aged students. Prosper with Regina LLC is led by Regina Byrd, a Certified Financial Educator.

Regina specializes in enhancing the lives of young adults through communication that you can have the life of your dreams by being financially fit at a young age. Her workshops are fun, hands on, exciting and informative. Her ability to connect with the students is exceptional as she knows exactly what it takes to overcome financial obstacles at a young age.

Regina’s Speaking Engagements

Regina understands the concept of how to motivate people and how to get people to take action.

“We are missing the mark on so many levels of our finances that it makes me mad, especially with the youth. The youth are not equipped to go into the world and be successful with their lives. Finances affect everything. So it starts with your mental capacity, then your money will follow.”

Her Presentations Are Designed Around:


Stories give examples of how finances can cripple your dreams if you have too much debt.


Sometimes the feeling of hopelessness can be so much. I inform my audience that their is a better way.


All the motivation in the world is great but if you don’t know the next step, how can you take it?


I play games and cater my speech according to my audience.

About Regina Byrd

I began in financial education as a young girl, asking the question, “Why are certain people rich and happy and others or not?” The answer to this question has been a life-long pursuit.

My formal teaching began in 2015 when I taught children at a local library. I return to teach every year to give back to the community. I am an accountant. My mother is an accountant. The understanding of money runs in my blood. I am Certified Financial Educator.

I took the 16 hour certification course, which really goes deep on the understanding of finances, how we make our decisions, and how to motivate people to take action.

You can connect with me to talk about financial education for young adults and school aged students, via Facebook:


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Call: 678-698-0738

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This book is going to teach you so many aspects about yourself, and your finances. It will teach you how to get ahead, avoid the pitfall, and conquer your financial future.


The outlined chapters of 10 Prosperity Secrets are:

  1. Start Making Good Decisions Now
  2. Giving is Living
  3. Create Space for Your Money
  4. Budgeting – It’s a Must!
  5. Focus on your business, not anyone else’s
  6. Cut corners boo!
  7. Love you, your worth it
  8. Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize
  9. Overcoming all obstacles
  10. Work not work