Don’t Limit the Flow of Wealth Into Your Life!


Welcome to my Blog! I am so excited to have you here and you should congratulate yourself on wanting to know more about your finances, your prosperity, and most importantly about your growth. You have come to the right place. So let me just introduce myself to all my new followers. My name is Regina Byrd, and I am a Prosperity Educator. What does that mean to you? Well I help wonderful people like you grow in all areas of your life. I’m talking, SPIRITUAL, FINANCIAL, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL growth. I have learned, that when your finances is it hard to get the other aspects of your life in order. So my main focus is about getting your financial house in a good place so you can thrive in other areas.

Why am I qualified?

I am a Certified Financial Educator, I turned my own financial situation around, and have spent numerous years understanding prosperity and what it truly means to be a happy, healthy and WHOLE person. Sometimes we find ourselves at a cross road in different areas of our lives, and just need someone to help us get to the other side. I have created practical tools that can take your from struggling to thriving in one year, because we all need help, and we all can have the success we desire.

Too often we limit what can happen in our lives due to low self-image, lack of support, lack of vision and the list can go on and on. But the great thing that I discovered is that we don’t have to do that. There is an infinite supply of all the wealth and resources we need. Our job is to do the work and pull what we need to us. There is an old saying that I love to repeat over and over again, “Whatever you want, wants You!” That’s right!  All that you desire is just waiting on you, but you must be persistent and allow the process to manifest itself. Wealth is just a combination of favorable decisions. Since everyone can make decisions, then everyone can have wealth. The difference is in the type of decisions you make. So here are three ways to allow money to flow into your life and not limit yourself:

  1. Be a giver – You cannot grow or expect anything to come into your life if you do not give first. Giving releases what you are trying to get.
  2. Create multiple streams of income – Wealthy people do not rely on one source of income. Wealthy people have multiple flows of money.
  3. Do not care what people think – Wealthy people have to be strong. They have to know that sometimes they won’t have the approval of others and that is O.K. You should desire wealth more than fitting in.

You are worth living an exciting, exuberating life. Make the correct changes and watch the wealth and the life you desire appear.

Happy Prospering,


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