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Regina Byrd is a native of Douglasville, Georgia and currently resides in Atlanta. She is an accountant, motivational speaker, author, business owner and financial educator. Her company, Prosper with Regina, helps high school and college students learn financial literacy empowering them for a life of financial success, Outside of her many businesses she also gives back by speaking to children at local libraries about finances.

She understands the hurdles that young people must overcome to have a good financial head start after college. She believes that everyone should stay YOUNG, FABULOUS and PROSPEROUS no matter what age they are!

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Reach Your Financial Goals!





by Regina Byrd

This book is going to teach you so many aspects about yourself, and your finances. It will teach you how to get ahead, avoid the pitfall, and conquer your financial future.


The outlined chapters of 10 Prosperity Secrets are:

  1. Start Making Good Decisions Now
  2. Giving is Living
  3. Create Space for Your Money
  4. Budgeting – It’s a Must!
  5. Focus on your business, not anyone else’s
  6. Cut corners boo!
  7. Love you, your worth it
  8. Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize
  9. Overcoming all obstacles
  10. Work not work

“What an engaging and helpful book! Smart, sassy, and written especially for young adults, these ten secrets can help you create a space for your money, master your budget, learn how to cut corners easily, and reach your financial goals.”

– Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire



Financial Education

I specialize in enhancing the lives of young adults through communication.

Public Speaker

I understand the concept of how to motivate people and how to get people to take action.

Accounting Services

I am an accountant and a Certified Financial Educator.


No More Poor Teens

Learn all the tips you’ll need to be a financial success in the future with this savvy training made especially for young adults.


31-Day Placemat Calendar


This monthly money calendar placemat is designed to take teaching your child about finances to the next level by helping you build a financial foundation for your child over 31 days around the dinner table.

The purpose of this calender is to help your kid WIN. This money calender is for busy mothers who want to get the JOB DONE, but don’t have the time to plan a long lesson each month. I took all the financial topics your child needs to know, and compiled them in one monthly calendar so they can be ahead in the money game and know how money really works.

The monthly money calendar placemate also includes questions that you can ask your child so they can stay engaged.

The result of the money monthly calendar placemat is that your child will know more about finance, and how money works than most adults.

For a fee of $12.99, which is .41 cents a day your child will learn financial topics easily broken down for them to understand. Use this money calendar placemate daily and watch how your child’s financial knowledge grows!

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